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Parent council

All parents and carers of children who attend the school and ELC are members of our parent council. It is a constituted council, not run by the school staff or local authority but by the parents and carers. Its main objective is to try to represent the interests of all parents and carers to the school and the local authority, help the school community work together supporting learning and school improvement.

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Our Parent Council (PC) meets once a term in the school. The meetings are a great chance for parents to have a chat over a refreshment as well as find out what is happening in the school and wider community, discuss issues of interest to them and give feedback.  At least one member of the school staff attends these meetings as well as a community council representative. The PC aims to put out a regular newsletter to keep parents and carers up to date with news. It has a WhatsApp group and its own email account.

Our Parent Council also raises money to help the school provide our children with additional activities or equipment to support their learning, health and wellbeing.

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