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Our ELC Children are very much part of our school and share events with the other children and experiences.

In the term before the ELC children enter Primary 1, they are invited to attend short transition sessions into their new class. Useful transition information can be gathered through this way of working and these visits allow the children to meet and interact with their classmates, buddies, teachers and support staff. It also gives them experience of daily routines, morning break and lunch time. Parents/carers can also try out the school lunches with their child during this period. The P1 teacher meets with the ELC staff to share previous learning, progress, next steps and knowledge about each individual.


What you and your child can expect

Meaningful and unforgettable experiences.


Our indoor environment

The indoor environment is full of a variety of play experiences, by following the curriculum for excellence and our amazing team working together we can plan many fun activities to achieve our experiences and outcomes. These can also link to different events throughout the school year. One of the great advantages of our small community school is that we can enjoy main events over the duration of the year with the primary children and this allows our children to learn from and look up to the older boys and girls. Some of these events consist of fundraising coffee mornings, burns suppers, Christmas parties and many more.


Our Outdoor area

Our outdoor play space is the perfect place for the children to run around and explore, we have an amazing mud kitchen in the bottom garden where the children can experiment and enjoy using their imagination to create different meals and snacks for the staff and friends to “eat”. We also have our new Play on Pedals balance bikes that are a favourite of the children in the setting, there are great benefits of the bikes and how they are used. We are fortunate enough to have a lovely natural based obstacle course in the top garden that is used for climbing and racing on, the children also use some of the apparatus as a “pirate ship”. We operate an open door routine with the children in the setting and they have the choice to play outside as they wish throughout the day.

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